Few days ago an article was published saying tourists should skip Dubrovnik due to the congestion caused by the large number of visitors. I would strongly advise don’t skip it; just plan your visit accordingly! Dubrovnik, like any other tourist destination, has its better and worst days for a visit. In 2018 Thursdays are the days when it might be better to plan visits outside Dubrovnik or to revise the order of your visit.

In this blog post I will refer to the passengers arriving to Dubrovnik on board the cruise ships. You booked your cruise months ahead and probably have been reading about Dubrovnik and you already have a list of the venues you would like to visit and things to do. Among all the articles you found on Dubrovnik you found one advising you to skip Dubrovnik. Of course, like all of us you would probably think to yourself, what a shame, but that will be a call between Venice and Korfu so I might just stay at the sun-deck you soaking up the sun. Don’t! Don’t skip Dubrovnik; you can get a nice suntan some other day!

Here are few insider’s tips on do’s and don’ts on such day in Dubrovnik:



  1. in a time when one can find all possible info on the Internet sometimes it is much wiser to use local professionals. On web page you can easily find all cruise ships arrival throughout the year but there are few things you should pay attention to: the total number of the ships on precise day will be correct but you have to be aware of the fact that most of them will not call at the same time, probably won’t even be in Dubrovnik at the same time, they won’t be even in the same port, and the capacity varies from the smaller ships with max 200 passengers on board to big ships with more than 2000 pax. But if you check just for the number of the ships in the port the info could discouraging. Local agents, such as, handle with all these info and can advise the best options. That is a reason why you should let the local experts organize your shore excursion.

  2. have an introductory, leisurely walking tour through the streets of the Old town with knowledgeable guide who will show you all the highlights from the outside, and of course since your group is much smaller than other groups your guide can lead you through less crowded streets. With large number of visitors museums will be too crowded and if you are eager to visit them you can do it later in a day or visit museums which are not on regular tourist route, for example medieval foundry inside Gornji Ugao fort.

  3. regardless, crowded day or not, if it is possible for you visit the City Walls. The venue represents glorious history and beauty of Dubrovnik and is big enough for everyone who wants to visit it and crowding is impossible. Use the entrance at St Luca’s fort or at the Maritime Museum since but skip the entrance next to Onofrio’s fountain. I suggest skipping that entrance not only because there will be a longest lineup but since there are more steps there than on other two entrances. Don’t forget to take sunscreens, sturdy shoes and bottle of water. To truly enjoy the City Walls visit the venue on your own, guide will give all the info and stories on Dubrovnik during the walking tour and on the Walls you will be more interested taking photos at your own pace than listening to the guide (saying this from the experience).

  4. have an early start – “early bird catches a worm” – I would say – “early bird catches the Old Town almost empty”. We all love to sleep late, especially on holidays but probably you noticed that most of the tours on board start after the breakfast therefore you should be one step ahead of them so while the buses are still loading you already drove up to the panoramic lookout and you got yourself a great picture of Dubrovnik.

  5. to enjoy a nice cup of Ice Coffee or a local beer just wander off the side allies, there are dozens of small bars all over the town and it doesn’t matter which small street you take you will find one. To add even more to that experience climb the steps to Jesuit’s church, or as known among the fans of Game of Thrones the Walk of Shame and follow the street signs to Buza bar, the bar outside the walls,




  1. don’t go with the cheapest offer for the shore excursions you get. The rates vary from the cheapest to the most expensive of course but sometimes the cheapest can give you the worst headache. The port of Dubrovnik is a small port and it is easy to find the exit. But the port of Dubrovnik uses strong security measures and not everyone can enter the port area with their vehicles. Of course the travel agents with slightly more expensive tours are the ones allowed to enter it so instead of looking for the sing with your name on it on the other side of the fence while someone screams your name from the top of their lungs you will get a guide and a vehicle in front of the gangway. Not only that you wouldn’t have to walk around to find them you will also save your precious but unfortunately limited time in Dubrovnik.

  2. the view from the top of the hill Srd is mesmerizing, and the cable car ride is breathtaking, that is for sure. But the queue is horrific. Again, your visit to Dubrovnik is limited and wasting time waiting in a line is not something you would like to do. For the morning calls to Dubrovnik I would suggest to skip the cable car and hire a driver and vehicle and drive to the hill. There is just one road that leads to the top of the hill and so often is completely jammed with taxis and minivans, so instead of driving to the very top there are several stops along the road where to stop.

  3. Most of the crowded days in Dubrovnik are followed with heavy rain, as if the congestion is not bad enough. This one should be the most important one - while in Dubrovnik on a crowded day and it starts raining the last thing that should come to your mind is to go to the buses! That is a big NO! Why? Everyone else will do it and you will end up soaking wet jammed at the Gate. It is much better to go to a bar and have a nice glass of wine instead.

  4. Although there are so many photo opportunities in Dubrovnik some of them are better to skip if you are not the only one in the street at that moment. Streets of Dubrovnik are narrow and even when the town is not crowed taking the selfies in the middle of the street is not a good idea. Why? First of all you will block the street and instead of having a nice photo as a reminder of your holiday you will have a picture of you and several grumpy faces. Also, if you are looking for something in your purse don’t do it in the middle of the street, just step aside a bit. Main entrance to the town with two guards protecting the town is perfect spot to take a picture but make sure there is no one around,

  5. Don’t walk around with an ice cream in your hands. Ice cream shops in Dubrovnik serve not only high quality ice cream but high quantity as well. One scoop of ice cream is a size of three regular scoops. That is great, right? It is but if you take a seat in ice cream shop or in a bar and truly enjoy it. If you have to struggle through the crowd and trying to eat it while it is already dripping all over your hands the joy will instantly disappear. So take your time and smell the flowers…or should we say “eat the ice cream”