Few days ago an article was published saying tourists should skip Dubrovnik due to the congestion caused by the large number of visitors. I would strongly advise don’t skip it; just plan your visit accordingly! Dubrovnik, like any other tourist destination, has its better and worst days for a visit. In 2018 Thursdays are the days when it might be better to plan visits outside Dubrovnik or to revise the order of your visit.

1. HUM, Istria -  Hum is famous for being the smallest city in the world. It is situated in central part of Istria with less than 20 citizens.
Although there are only dozens of small grey stone houses, during the high season this city is swamped with tourists.
Cathedral dedicated to St Jerolim whose walls are painted with 800-years-old frescoes.

Day 1: Arrival to Dubrovnik

Upon the arrival to the airport of Dubrovnik transfer to the hotel. Our host will await for you at the reception desk to give you all necessary info on the destination to make your stay even more comfortable.

I grew up in Dubrovnik, city that had always been involved in tourism. In my family I had an aunt who worked for Dubrovnik Tourist Board in late 60’ (when the tourism started its blossom here) and worked as a tour guide as well. I always looked up at her and I was so impressed with her knowledge in history and all other topics, she spoke different languages and travelled a lot. For me, that was exactly what I wanted to do in my life. 


Miles and miles of sandy beaches meet mountain highs covered with snow

Montenegro – small country that lies on southeastern Europe. Capital of Montenegro is Podgorica (former Titograd). Republic extends on 13812 km2 with 1000 000 citizens. Although small in territory Montenegro offers a huge diversity in its tourist offer, highly developed winter and even more developed summer tourism...  

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