What to do on a hot summer day in Dubrovnik?

Kolocep panorama


So, you reached your destination, you arrived to Dubrovnik. Overwhelmed with its beauty you wake up and realize it is a hot summer day, even hotter than you expected. What should you do on a day like this, when it is too hot to do the City Walls and the city is crowded with tourists?

There is no better escape than to Elaphite islands. There are several options how one can visit the islands but I recommend renting a private boat.

Republic of Croatia is known as a ‘’Land of Thousand Islands’’, to be more specific 1124 islands, islets and reefs. Less than 70 of those are inhabited and not all of them are easy to reach from the mainland. The islands I refer to here are Elaphite islands, small archipelago that consist of 13 small islets, only 3 are inhabited. What I like to say – Heaven on Earth. 

Tour can start from the marina and you would sail to Kolocep island. When you reach the island don’t be surprised when you realize it is not the name the locals use, they call it Kalamota – name used only in Dubrovnik.

First thing you will notice there is a silence, there is no traffic on the island and you would be amazed how many voices are coming from the nature, so relaxing. Time stands still here, just few locals having a drink in a local bar and kids playing on a sandy beach. Walking around barefoot wearing nothing but swimming suits is a dress code.Have a drink and jump to the sea swimming to your boat.



Soaking the sun towards Sipan island, the biggest island of all and quite different than Kolocep. There are two small settlements on the island – Luka Sipanska and Sudurad. We will stop at Sudurad, small fisherman village with exquisite seafood and I would like to recommend to visit Lesevic family tavern. You can miss it, it is on you right hand side, at the entrance to the village. Seafood restaurant, great food, fresh fish and all the dishes made with love and care…something that one can find while visiting grandma. It is a family restaurant and they are all involved in business – highly recommended place for a lunch.

After the lunch you could ask your host to prepare the doggy bag with leftovers… Probably there is a huge question mark above your head? Why would you need a doggy bag when you don’t even have a dog with you here?… you will need it to feed the seagulls! The moment your boat sails off from Sipan the seagulls will follow you…just like in a Hitchcock movie ‘’The Birds’’ they will come out of nowhere…but don’t be afraid – your leftovers is what they want. So, just throw the food to the seas and watch for the birds…and don’t forget to tell your friends with clean hands to take the photos. For the brave hearts one tip – keep the food in your hands and hold them high and the bird will eat right from your hands.