Game of Thrones walking tour - short version

kings landing panorama

No matter how many emails I exchange with client where we get to know each other there is always a special thrill of waiting for them at Pile Gate holding the sign with their name on it. But there is a special hint between Thronie guide and Thronie guests, we somehow click with the first ‘’Valar Morghulis’’.
Although there are different types of this tour I prefer the one starting from Pile gate and we start with the 2000 calories burn out by climbing to the top of the Red Keep.

With the first glance to the fortress guests realize how much photoshoping was made to make it look as the Red Keep. And off we go, 180 steps to climb are ahead of us and no one complaints about it because everyone is so eager to hear about the scenes shot in it.
St Lawrence fortress’ role was to protect the entrance to the town, from the sea and from the land. It was built upon a 37 meter high sheer rock overlooking the sea and was highly significant in medieval times. Recently, it is a place that Hamlet can call its home since so many plays took place there during Dubrovnik Summer Festival but it has also become one of the most popular sites for destination weddings. But let’s keep it now to Game of Thrones.
Some of the epic moments were shot there, the scene with Cersei and lord Baelish whether the knowledge is power or the power is power. Also the moment when everyone wanted to stand in Tyrion’s shoes when he slammed Joffrey’s face was shot here.



Remember this moment, when the Lannister’s escaped from the peasant riot Tyrion yelled at Joffrey – so far we had vicious kings, we had idiot kings, but we have never had a vicious idiot king. The moment that places the smile on everyone’s face. 
Leaving the atrium and climbing to the lower terrace we arrive to the place where Joffrey held the celebration of his name day, well Joffrey’s style.

From the top terrace not only the magnificent view spreads in front of you but some other shooting sites can be seen…place where the Purple wedding took place, where Joffrey died, place where Mountain practiced for his battle against Oberyn…

Descending to small bay Kolorina we will make a short stop at the pier where everyone rushes to take the photos since that is the exact place where Sansa stood watching the ships sail by. When Sansa received the news after the Red Wedding Sansa was, of course, devastated. She spent all the time standing at the pier and played the game with Shea, imagining where those ships are sailing to.
No need to mention this is the place to take the photo at for all the Thronies.

Kolorina Bay is such a small bay but somehow so many scenes were shot right there, like drawing Robert Baratheon’s bastard kids, farewell to princess Myrcela when she was sent off to Dorne…. A spoiler from the 6th season – Cersei and Mountain shot one scene there few months ago.

Back at Pile Gate we enter the Old town of Dubrovnik through the same gate Jaime Lannister and lady Brienne took.

Pile Gate is the most frequent place in Dubrovnik, one out of two main entrances to the Old Town and the nearest entrance to the main drop off point for all, local buses, shuttle buses, tours… Shooting at this place was one of the most difficult since the entrance could not be blocked throughout the day, only for couple of hours. What brought Game of Thrones close to locals was the fact they respected the daily routine and the most important income in Dubrovnik – tourism. When the negotiations started it was emphasized the cruise companies have already confirmed their calls to Dubrovnik and that could not be changed so the team got adjusted to the city. The maximum number at the port on a day of shooting could be only 2. Peasant’s Riot was also shot here.

Walking through the narrow streets of Dubrovnik there are few interesting stories to be mentioned, not necessarily related to Game of Thrones but interesting stories how the life used to be in medieval Dubrovnik and the difference between Dubrovnik and King’s Landing.
We will reach the steps leading to Jesuit’s church, beautiful staircase, great place to take the photo at…but that’s not why we will stop here – it is the walk of Shame that brought us here.
The moment everyone was waiting for in a 5th season – Cercei walking naked after committing the affair with her cousin – imagine the punishment if she confessed all her sins.

So, Cersei walked on and on, barefoot and naked, humiliated by the peasants to the gates of the Red Keep when she opened up the door and Mountain took her in his arms….

This is just a part of the story, just something to tease you to join us on this tour…it would not be fair to tell you everything in advance ….