Game of Thrones overland tour Dubrovnik

When it comes to real fans of the show there is no such a thing as ‘’too much’’ because there is always one more place to visit.

Therefore we decided to add to our offer Game of Thrones overland tour visiting King’s Landing, Qarth, Meereen, Braavos and Dorne. All those places can be visited in just two Croatian cities Dubrovnik and Split.

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There are several options on how to arrive to Dubrovnik either Split. By airplane, both cities in their vicinity have the international airports which are very well connected with the all major European airports. By ferry, Dubrovnik and Split, both, have ferry connections with the southern part of the Adriatic Sea and several Italian ports. Bus connections are also frequent but one can also drive by himself down the Adriatic coastline. Regardless which option one decides to take into consideration we assure you one will not be disappointed.

Let’s start with Dubrovnik first.


Walking tour starts from Pile gate and from there we will continue towards St Lawrence fortress or The Rep Keep. So many important scenes were shot inside the fortress but also in a small bay of Kolorina. Some of them you will easily recognize moment your foot steps onto the pier.

Next stop is at the entrance to the Old Town where the Peasant’s Riot was shot, one of the most difficult scenes to film in Dubrovnik because the main entrance to the city had to be closed for several hours. Interesting fact to mention – no one complained, everyone wanted to see the set and perhaps spot some of the actors in Dubrovnik.

Walking back to the main street of Dubrovnik tour will take you to Lord Baelish’s brothel where Tyrion and Oberyn met. Narrow street will take us to the Walk of Shame and Great Sept of Baelor, scenes filmed there are very familiar to all of us but still it takes a breath away to see it in person.

After the walking tour I suggest the visit to the City Walls, several scenes were shot there as well but the Walls are one of the major symbols of Dubrovnik and are definitely worth visiting.


Following day we recommend taking it easy and relaxing before travelling to Split. Just because it is relaxing day doesn’t mean we will not visit some of the sites, embark the boat and head towards the islet of Lokrum, heaven on Earth. Peacocks, donkeys, rabbits and exuberant vegetation, no traffic nor crowd – best combination to refill your batteries. No wonder the producers chose Lokrum as ancient city of Qarth, city market and Deanery’s welcome party.

But there is something special; a must for all the fans – replica of the Iron Throne placed inside the Game of Thrones visitor center – sounds good, right?


third day involves driving to Split. Early in the morning, driver will pick you up and you will start driving North to Split. First stop will be at small village of Trsteno, approx 20 km North from Dubrovnik. Here you will visit the Tyrell’s gardens; you can even have a lemon cake at the same place where Olenna, Marjorie and Sansa had their cake.

Heading towards Split you will need your passports due to the border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina, narrow coastline of only 21 km.

You will reach Klis Fortress aka Meereen, used for filming the city walls, siege by Deanerys, Unsullied and Dothraies and many other external scenes. Klis and quarry Zrnovica were used for filming and with over 500 extras became as a real military camp and siege.


The fourth day is dedicated for Split walking tour. Your local guide, expert in Game of Thrones topics, will wait for you at the entrance to Diocletian’s cellars, under the protection of the UNESCO. The ancient city that was built by tsar Diocletian is now part of the Old Town of Split and its cellars are the best kept monument of the medieval Emperor. Inside the cellars Daenerys kept her dragons, Sir Barristan Selmy was killed, Grey Worm injured and the battle between the Sons of Harpy and the Unsullied was filmed here.

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