5 places to visit in Dubrovnik

  1. CITY WALLS – 1940m long city walls is definitive must while visiting Dubrovnik. There are three entrances to the walls and the tickets can be purchased at all of therm.
    Coming to the old town from Pile Gate the entrance is situated at the beginning of the main street to your left hand side and the tickets can be purchased to your right hand side just around the corner. 
    Second entrance is at St. John’s fortress, walking through the narrow street just behind the Cathedral soon you will reach the entrance that is leading to Maritime museum.Third entrance is closest to Ploce Gate so either entering the old town from the southern entrance or continuing the stroll from main street walking next to Dominican monastery it can be reached. There are several stops at the walls for the refreshment and the toilet break at the public restroom. Sturdy shoes, sunscreens, hats and bottled water are highly recommended. Numerous photo opportunities. Unfortunately not suitable for the visitors with walking difficulties nor for the visitors confined to the wheelchairs. Tickets can be paid in Croatian Kuna and by credit cards. 

5 places to visit in dubrovnik city walls


     2. DUBROVNIK CABLE CAR – first cable car in Dubrovnik was built in 1969 and it was the first cable car built in the Adriatic. Unfortunately the initial one was highly damaged in a war of 1991 and it was rebuilt in 2010. 4 minutes ride from the lower station situated close to the entrance to the old town and a parking lot called Buza to the upper station at top of Srd hill, 778 meters distance. All facilities are fully equipped with access for the disabled, which includes access to both stations, access to the cabin, restrooms and an elevator. At the upper station there are two terraces from where the magnificent view of the Dubrovnik lies ahead of you but it is not that easy to take the good photo from up there since the cable car wires are blocking the view but the best place to take the photo from is the cross on a left from the exit. Tickets can be purchased at both stations (there is a local road to the top of the hill as well) and can be paid in Croatian Kuna or by all major credit cards.

5 places to visit in dubrovnik cable car


3. OLD PHARMACY AT FRANCISCAN MONASTERY – founded in 14th century, it is ranked as the second oldest pharmacy in the world but also as the oldest pharmacy running continuously from its very beginning. The pharmacy was situated inside the cloister and it was for the public use therefore everyone could easily enter the monastery in order to get their medicine. In 1911 the pharmacy was moved to the entrance to the cloister and is still there while the old pharmacy is transformed into the museum. At the pharmacy facial creams, hand creams and lotions are still being made according to the old recipes such as cream made of roses or wild oranges.

5 places to visit in dubrovnik 3. old pharmacy at franciscan monastery


 4. ST LAWRENCE FORTRESS – also known as Gibraltar of Dubrovnik rises on 37 meters high rock and is offering beautiful panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea and Dubrovnik. Fortress was built to protect the city from the potential attacks from the sea but from the west as well. Above the entrance to the fortress is the Latin inscription “Non Bene Pro Toto Libertas Venditur Auro” which translated reads “Freedom is not sold for all the gold in the world”. In 20th century St Lawrence fortress became known as one of the most important theatre sites of Dubrovnik, especially known for Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Recently it became more and more popular as the wedding venue but to its glory and significant number of visitors on daily basis filming of Game of Thrones TV show contributed. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance, paid in Croatian Kuna or by all major credit cards but also bear in mind that the tickets are combined with the tickets to the city walls that can be used here as well.

5. places to visit in dubrovnik st lawrence fortress


5.  LOKRUM ISLAND – uninhabited islet situated just in front of the old town of Dubrovnik. Islet can be reached by the local boats leaving from the old port continuously, every 30 minutes from the port and back from the islet. In high season the first boat leaves from the port at 09:00 PM and the last boat from the islet leaves at 08:00 AM. Tickets can be purchased at the pier, paid in Croatian Kuna only. There are no shops at the islet therefore it is highly recommended to buy all you might need there in Dubrovnik such as sunscreens, swim suits… There is couple of restaurants for lunch or just to have a coffee. The Dead Sea is most popular among the children but also, one insider’s tip – it is a wonderful place to take nice photos at, especially later in the afternoon when the sun is not that high and the colors become more vivid. If it is not too hot nice walk can be made to the top of the islet to Fort Royal, fortress built in 19th century, especially visited by the Game of Thrones fans.

5. places to visit in dubrovnik lokrum island