Winter is coming to Dubrovnik

The tourist season came to its end for 2016, or at least summer season has. The time is now for the winter to come.

 I don’t want to sound like Ned Stark in Game of Thrones but the winter IS coming to Dubrovnik. After nearly 8 months of working hard it is time to   rest….or is it? I love tourism, that is my passion, I love working with people from all around the world, learning about someone else’s customs and   traditions while listening all those ‘’wow’s’’ the first time panoramic view of Dubrovnik spreads in front of us.

 This might sound strange but the excitement of seeing Dubrovnik for the first time and admiring look on people faces makes us so happy as if one   is complimenting us on our personal achievement. So although it is time for our well deserved rest we cannot hibernate until spring, there are so   many things still to do in Dubrovnik.

 We have all seen the photos of sun bathed Dubrovnik, Stradun full of people trying to find the shade wearing their summer attire but now it is time   for something different, it is time for Dubrovnik Winter Festival.

 Dubrovnik Winter Festival was opened few days ago for the third time and this year Festival takes place from November 19th till January 8th.   Stradun or Placa, the main street, changes its appearance completely and is transformed in something we all pictured fairy-tale should look like.   Beautiful Christmas decorations and lights make Stradun to shine even more.

Dozens of small cottages are placed all over the town offering local specialties, food, drinks but local souvenirs as well, all accompanied by great program such as folklore performances on a main square Luza, concerts, St Nicolas and Santa Clause for the kids. ‘’Regular’’ Santa Clause visits Dubrovnik but there are some other Santa Clauses who visit Dubrovnik and who we love -  Biker Santa – bikers from Dubrovnik, dressed as Santa Clauses bring gifts for the kids and visit the ones in need to make bring up their holiday spirits.


So if you are visiting Dubrovnik in a winter do not even think you will have the old town just for you, what you will have is completely opposite experience of Dubrovnik than any of your friends who came here in a summer rush.