CITY WALLS – 1940m long city walls is definitive must while visiting Dubrovnik. There are three entrances to the walls and the tickets can be purchased at all of therm.
Coming to the old town from Pile Gate the entrance is situated at the beginning of the main street to your left hand side and the tickets can be purchased to your right hand side just around the corner. 
Second entrance is at St. John’s fortress,

When it comes to real fans of the show there is no such a thing as ‘’too much’’ because there is always one more place to visit.

Therefore we decided to add to our offer Game of Thrones overland tour visiting King’s Landing, Qarth, Meereen, Braavos and Dorne. All those places can be visited in just two Croatian cities Dubrovnik and Split.

Ferreti 480 elafiti  Dubrovnik

So, you reached your destination, you arrived to Dubrovnik. Overwhelmed with its beauty you wake up and realize it is a hot summer day, even hotter than you expected. What should you do on a day like this, when it is too hot to do the City Walls and the city is crowded with tourists?

There is no better escape than to Elaphite islands.


Dubrovnik is listed among the most romantic cities in the world but even so one can always go step ahead and make it even more romantic. Our dear friends followed their dream and built ‘’Gospar’’ classical wooden boat inspired by James Bond movies and we are pleased to say that Unique Collection offers panoramic sails with this beautiful boat. Regardless if you chose  Dubrovnik for the 

Valar Morghulis again to all my dear Thronies!

Now that we've seen that Jon Snow is alive we can go on with the tours... Unfortunately only one scene from the 6th season was shot in Dubrovnik - Cersei waiting for the boat that brings princess Myrcela's coffin to King's Landing.

In my previous blog I wrote a description of the shorter version of Game of Thrones walking tour

Game of Thrones walking tour  making movie in Dubrovnik

No matter how many emails I exchange with client where we get to know each other there is always a special thrill of waiting for them at Pile Gate holding the sign with their name on it.

But there is a special hint between Thronie guide and Thronie guests, we somehow click with the first ‘’Valar Morghulis’’.

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