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The story about the war

1991 was the worst year in history for the city of Dubrovnik. That was the first time ever the city was attacked and although it was severely damaged its beauty never faded. One of the most important dates of 1991 was St Nicola's day, December 6th, when the city was bombed for more than 10 hours continuously. That was also the day when Croatian army stopped the enemy army on their way to conquer the Mediterranean jewel. The symbol of the war and the defence stands still on top of the hill Srdj, fort Imperial.

War tourWe will meet at Pile gate and take a short walk to Dubrovnik's cable car lower station. Just 3-minutes ride to the very top of the hill Srd from where you will have one of the most beautiful views on the Old Town of Dubrovnik. We will visit a war museum installed inside Fort Imperial, the fort built in 1809 when the Dubrovnik Republic signed the French ascendancy. Still wounded by countless shelves the symbol of defence is teaching us about the strength and willingness to protect and save the one we love. Maps, hand grenades, flags, photos and a short movie of the attacks on Dubrovnik are very emotional so don't forget the handkerchiefs.
After the visit to the museum, you will admire even more the view of the city that was brought up from the ashes just like a Phoenix.
The short cable car ride back to the Old town and we will take a stroll down the narrow streets to explore the city centre with numerous symbols of the greatness of once most important city-republic on the Adriatic coast.
This is not how you had it in mind? Contact us and we will arrange the tour according to your ideas!